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FF360 Fire Protection Foam

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Content 12.85 fl. oz

FF360 Fire Protection Foam is a UL classified two-component intumescent foam that helps properly fire rate membrane penetrations in walls and ceilings and control the spread of flames and smoke in case of a fire for up to 2 hours. FF360 is suitable for irregular or hard-to-access openings and can also be used as a single product solution. Recommended applications include: Blank openings, cable trays, metal pipes, conduits, wires and mixed penetrations in solid floors and ceilings.


The FF360 is suitable for irregular, hard-to-access, and large penetrations and can be used in combination with other TENMAT products such as the FF260 Fire Protection Blocks, the FF160 Fire Protection Plugs or as a stand-alone firestopping product.

The sag resistant, quick curing formulation of FF360 allows the foam to expand up to 5 times in volume during installation and permits the foam to be applied fast and effectively. Once cured, the flexible nature of the material allows for easy retroactive installation of additional cables, wires or pipes without the need of special tools.

Requires 5:1 coaxial caulking gun for installation.

The high expansion and insulating properties of the material ensures that both, flame spread and smoke, are stopped for 120 minutes. For a full list of our UL listed through-penetration firestopping systems, please visit the DOWNLOADS section.

Content 12.85 fl. oz


  • Fire tested and rated
  • Easy Retroactive Installation
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy application
  • Suitable for openings that are difficult to access
    or that are irregular
  • Fast and clean work
  • Suitable for large and medium openings with a
    mix of penetrating elements
  • Flexible
  • Single product solution
  • UL Classified



FF365 Fireproofing Sealant
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FF260 Fireproofing Block

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