Universal Fireproofing Patch

25Lb $167.00

Universal Fireproofing Patch (UFP) is a hand applied fire resistive material designed specifically for the patching and repair of damaged Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRMs). Medium and low density SFRMs. UFP has been tested against known and available classes of SFRMs under a variety of application conditions.

Monokote Patching Compound

14.5Lb $159.00

MONOKOTE Patching Compound is the only UL approved patching material for patching MONOKOTE MK-5, MK-6 and MK-10 products that when applied as directed, will maintain the original fire rating of
the steel member.  It is ideal for patching damages resulting from typical jobsite installation or renovation activities

Universal Fireproofing Patch

Monokote Patching Compound


Albi Clad TF TROWEL Grade, 5 gal


Albi Clad TF TG (Trowel Grade)

Water based Intumescent Fireproofing Coating

  • Albi Clad TF TG Intumescent Fireproofing is designed for jobs not allowing or justifying the use of airless spray equipment.
  • Application Method: Apply by trowel or palming method.
  • To patch damaged area, first remove any loose particles. Then apply Albi Clad TF TG with sheet-rock broad knife.
  • For Use With: Steel, Wood, OSB, Gypsum, PVC
  • UL Certified: ASTM E-119 and E-84 Standard
  • Fire Rating: up to 3 hour
  • Color: Attractive Off-White

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Monokote MK6/HY SFRM

Intumescent Paint

Fire Rated Light Enclosures

DFT Gages

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