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    Fireproofing and Firestopping Materials.
    Choose them right.

    Steel, Wood, Gypsum, Concrete, Tin Ceiling and Spray Foam Insulation Fire Protection.  Intumescent Coatings. Water and Solvent based. Advantages, disadvantages, limitations. 

    Building Code Requirements and Certification.
    It's ALL About Testing.

    ASTM E-119/UL263, ASTM E-84 Class “A” standards. Full scale vs Small scale testing. Interior General Purpose vs Conditioned Interior Space, etc. 

    Application. Questions and Recommendations

    Application Methods, Conditions and Optimization. Coverage. DFT/WFT requirements. Spray Equipment specifics. Quality control and inspections.

    Do's and Don't... and more....

    About Us

    Over 40 Years Of Fireproofing Experience With Quality At It's Best!


    Passive fire protection (PFP) refers to building design elements and planned safety measures meant to control the spread of a fire. PFP can help to mitigate the potentially disastrous effects of failed Active Fire Protection measures, like broken sprinklers or an extinguisher that hasn’t been inspected or replaced in a timely manner. Examples of PFP measures can include room compartmentalization to prevent a fire’s spread, fire doors, fire rated wall and ceiling penetrations to limit the spread of smoke and a fire-resistant materials that help to protect structural steel and limit damage to critical infrastructure.

    Whether you are looking for a recommendation on a small project, or if you need a full fireproofing materials supply,  we can help. Talk to one of our experts. We provide free consultations.

    Our Products

    We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

    Structural Steel Fire protection

    ASTM E-119/UL 263 certified Fire Resistant products to meet Fire Rating requirements on Structural Steel.

    Wood and Gypsum Fire Resistant Materials.

    Highly combustible materials protection. ASTM E-84 Fire retardant Materials.

    Titan Airless sprayers and Parts. DeFelsko DFT Gauges.

    Mineral Fiber Board Fireproofing enclosures and Screw System

    SFRM Fireproofing Patching Materials. Monokote and Universal

    This is the place where you’ll get the perfect solution for your fireproofing needs.

    Our Contributions

    Industries We Serve!

    Interior and Exterior Structural Steel, Gypsum, Wood and Spray Foam     insulation thermal protection. All products are 100% tested and certified  ASTM E-119/ UL 263. ASTM E-84 standard.

    Fire Resistant Materials tested to UL 1709 standard. High Rise Hydro-carbon fire test criteria

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