Albi Cote DryWall

Water Based Thin-Film Intumescent Coating (Paint)
White. 5 Gallon

Albi Cote DW is a water-base intumescent designed for drywall and wall assemblies to improve
the hourly rating of the assembly to two hours and beyond with just a spray application. Albi
Cote DW can improve labor, installation, and material costs of drywall and wall assemblies that
require hourly ratings. Albi Cote DW’s smooth, aesthetic nish is ideal for applications in residential
and commercial updates and renovations.


Albi Clad TF Plus
Trowel Grade



Albi Cote DW is spray applied directly from the shipping container with a quick stir. Albi Cote DW can be top coated with many commercially available paints and coatings to meet color and physical property specifications. Albi Cote DW requires a level 2 drywall finish to smooth over existing drywall, tape exposed drywall edges, and to allow for a clean easy to stick to surface. If you have questions on topcoats or drywall finish level, contact Albi Protective Coatings.

Do not apply Albi Cote DW below 50°F or above 100°F as elongated dry times or sagging can occur. Do not store or transport Albi Cote DW below 33°F as the material can freeze.  Do not store and transport Albi Cote DW above 100°F. Care must be taken to protect the material from direct rainfall.  Please refer to the Albi Cote DW Application Guide for further details.  Thickness of the application will depend upon the fire endurance rating specified. Albi Clad FP must be applied by qualified applicators, utilizing standard airless spray equipment.  Installation must be in accordance with manufacturer’s printed instructions, and in compliance with specific test requirements.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES            TEST METHOD                                     VALUE

Dry Applied Density                                                                                     85 PCF
Hardness (Shore D)                       ASTM D2240                                       60-65
Compressive Strength                  ASTM D695                                          300 psi
Cohesive/Adhesion Strength      ASTM D4541                                        190 psi (cohesive failure)
Abrasion Resistance                     ASTM D4060                                       .3 grams loss
Impact Resistance                        ASTM D2794                                        85 in/lbs.
Weight per Gallon                                                                                         11.5 + 0.20 lbs./gals
% Solids by Volume                                                                                      72% + 2.0%
Flame Spread                                 ASTM E 84                                             2 – Class A
Smoke Developed                         ASTM E 84                                             5 – Class A


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Albi Clad TF Plus
Trowel Grade

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